Visualization Audio File Collection

Visualization is a powerfull mental skill that can help you acquire new movement pattern. To maximized visualisation exercise, the athlete need to be able to get in a calm and focused state using relaxation skills.
These audio files will guide you throught the process of visualizing for athletics events, relax and focus, help you heal and overcome your fears. The scripts are from or based on the book The Mental Athlete by Kay Porter.

Relaxationguides you through the process of relaxing you body and mind.

ConfidenceImprove our confidence.

Visuallization for healinguse your mind to help healing your body.

Dealing with FearsLearn how to deal with your fears.

Visualization for Field EventsImprove your ability to perform during field events.

Visualization for Long DistanceImprove your performance during long distance running events.

Visualization for Mid-DistanceImprove your performance during mid-distance running events.

Visualization for SprintsImprove your performance during sprint events.